searching the Yuxinou freight train - it starts in a radius of 1 km from here and passes the "new silk road" to Duisburg (Germany) - first chapter of the attempts to find the departure site.

Searching for Yuxinou is not a real Schwimmer series. As it documents the failure in the initial subject, I decided to show the whole process how other project core subjects realised "by the way" - migrant workers' living conditions, police, living and gardening in abandoned properties and Real estate sales' practice. Tropical suburban rain and mudd.
In the suburban train station (40 min from Chongqing city centre) a sign shows the (blocked) way to the freight hub. 3 times a week the Yuxinou freight train departs from there and passes the "new silk road" to Duisburg (Germany). Reseach in advance with no special connections had not been too successful, just the departure days and a vague address came out. No phone number.
The "Searching for Yuxinou" series document my attempts to find it, and they document what I found leaving the initial goal. The day I spent there was full of tropical rain. At the end even the images became foggy because the humidity had penetrated into the lens.