work bench for post industrialised countries

Industries in Bangladesh are usually separated into export-oriented companies and manufacturing for local market.
Production for local markets often seems to operate in a legal black hole.

But since the desasters in export industries (specially since Rana Plaza collapse) the export-oriented industries are in international focus. Factories have to meet international quality standarts. Numerous programs are installed to enhence working conditions and implement labour safety. Things move very very slowly.
Western as well as local governments still insist on voluntary improvement, instead of setting up (stronger) laws to protect labour and environment.
Meanwhile the customers (the international garment multis) blackmail local producers by demanding cut-throat "target prices".

The result is predictable:
The most concerned group is the weakest (at the base) of the value creation chain:

cost shares of a t-shirt (29€)
worker: 0,6%
material: 11%
local company: 6%

transport: 8%

rest: - brand and sale: 74,4%