Actually we can offer 80% for the author.

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pricing structure

Generally we follow the pricing structure of VG Bild-Kunst-Bonn.

Here are the differences:

For a non-profit AND small edition AND low budget production users can ask for reductions or free use. The decision will be taken in accordance with the authors.

Our policy is - again in accordance with the authors - to facilitate the usage for low budget productions if we appreciate their artistic, cultural, social, political, scientific or ethical approaches.

In case you have no money FIRST ASK never publish first!
We don´t accept unauthorised usage and don´t hesitate to defend our author´s rights.
Infringements will be prosecuted.

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Most of our images are RIGHTS MANAGED

some are not available for further use, some are managed outside Agentur Schwimmer, some are CC and free to be downloaded.
see: licenses

the pricing structure applies only on those images we are authorised to manage, according to the indication in the image meta data.

Please respect the works and don´t use the light box versions for your publications!