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what we do with your images and we don´t do
Agentur Schwimmer is a curated platform:
you prepare your series and we edit them. each image has its "home series". if you don´t like our changes, we discuss till we all agree. you have the right to withdraw your images, as long as they are not involved in an actual licensing process.
additionally your images might appear in other series. editorials combine images from different authors. you can propose editorials too.

advices for your preselection
if you have a precise idea about the order of a series it is technically easier if you figure it out off line and number the images.

to become contributor, editor and chief editor
the contributor proposes his series. editors edit the series in accordance with the contributors. they edit the news column. they propose major changes in the structure of the stock. as soon as a contributor regularly works with the agency and we trust each other, he might become editor. chief editors are responsible for the whole project in all aspects.

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what are "rights of third parties"?

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German orthography

To avoid mistakes and no search results, please write all words with German umlauts (for example: Übergrößenträger) also as word without the dots (Ubergrossentrager) and as the German transcription with both vowels (Uebergroeszentraeger). The ß should be written also as double-s and sz.